RDC Chiefs/Mayors

31 Far North First Nation communities were invited to Frenchman’s Head on April 30th and May 1st, 2015, to find solutions to the Food-Cost crisis. Frenchman’s Head is a Lac Seul First Nation community 40 kilometres west of Sioux Lookout. Chiefs and Economic Development Officers from the 31 Far North communities have been engaged to participate in a First Nations-Municipal Community Economic Development Initiative to study the feasibility of a Regional Food Distribution Centre to be located at the Sioux Lookout Municipal Airport.

The first day for the conference was to explain to community representatives the feasibility study for the Regional Distribution Centre in Sioux Lookout and to gather information regarding current gaps and opportunities that exist in food distribution to Northern First Nations.

On May 1st, 17 Chiefs and 7 Mayors met and discussed a regional food distribution centre in Sioux Lookout to ease the North’s food cost crisis. This event helped to strengthened regional First-Nation and Municipal relationships.

To view the Presentations, please visit: www.farnorthrdc.ca